Please ensure You join with the right Mindset. This is not a get rich quick platform. We maximise your savings for you.

Investment Cycle.

Investments are made through agents.
It can be in local currency or Bitcoin.

Investment Limit.

You can invest between 50 ¢ to 1000¢.
25$ and 500$ limit for Bitcoin Investors.

Investment Days.

To ensure daily income, Investments can be made everyday.
The time is 8:30am to 7:30pm daily. Investors are advised to invest daily to maximise profit.

Referral Bonus

An investor gets 5% bonus anytime a referral makes investment.
This is paid immediately the referral is confirmed.

Business Vision.

"Alleviating poverty comes from passive investment. However, starting an Entrepreneurial enterprise requires huge capital. We breach this gap by building a front where these little income can be invested in a running business and profit shared daily."


We run a flexible system with no restriction to one's account except on violation of our policies.


Our team is made up of trained experts in Forex investment and binary options. We also invest in amazing businesses.

Human Welfare.

Every Anniversary, We Sponsor Business ideas from our Investors with 500¢.